Brand-New DuroPCs with Microsoft XP

DuroPC Offers Brand-New XP Computers
DuroPC can install Windows XP on almost every system that we offer to you!

But Microsoft announced the end of XP. How is this possible?


If you’re unsure about downgrading, hop on over to the DuroPC blog where we explain the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s Downgrade Rights.

Still have questions? Call us at 888-760-DURO (3876). 

If you’re looking for a rackmount solution, the RAC310 is a 4U with great expansion capabilities including 7 PCI slots. If you need a smaller form-factor, try our 3U RAC329 or even smaller 2U RAC328. For a more cost-effective solution, take a look at the RAC303. If you don’t need to rack mount your system, a microbox like the SHB324 may be for you.
We also have XP options in our embedded category such as the EBX378. We can even downgrade an HMI touch panel pc like the PAN368. If what you need is portability, then check out the LAP135.
If you’re still in need of a more ancient operating system, take a look at the TWR137 or RAC163. These systems come standard with XP but can even downgrade to Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 98 SE, or Windows NT!
Remember that you can always UPGRADE the standard components in your system configuration!         
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