Upgrade to Windows 7 with DuroPCs for Simplicity and Cost Savings

As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP.  Many businesses are asking DuroPC to help them migrate to a Windows 7 platform.

Often, these businesses have a large investment of I/O hardware (PCI cards, ISA cards, etc) and software running on old computers that do not support Windows 7.  New ‘white-box’ computer companies (DELL, HP, etc) do not offer the I/O slots necessary for this legacy hardware. Many companies were planning to scrap their old hardware and re-invest in new I/O hardware and software – until they found out that DuroPC offers precise solutions to fit their needs.

The RAC381 has 7 PCI slots TWR335

A new computer from DuroPC prolonged the life of their previous investments by accommodating all of their I/O cards (even ISA and full-height, full-length PCI and PCI-X), while complying with IT-mandated updates to Windows 7.  DuroPC helped these customers save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding significant re-investments in I/O hardware and software.  Further, many DuroPC computers come with rich I/O features like dual Ethernet and multi-interface serial (RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485) – all in a new, warrantied, durable computer.  Here are a few examples:

  • TWR371Tower PC with 4x PCI, 1x PCIex16 (3.0), 1x PCIex4 (2.0), 1x PCIex1 (2.0)
  • RAC304 – 4U Rackmount PC with 6x PCI-X, 4x PCI, 1x PCIex16
  • SHB382Shoebox PC with 6x PCI, 1x PCIex16
  • RAC381 – 4U Rackmount PC with 7x PCI, 1x PCIex16, 5x PCIex4
  • RAC374 – 4U Rackmount PC with 13x PCI
  • TWR335 – Tower PC with 7x PCI, 1x Mini PCIex1
  • RAC161 – 4U Rackmount PC with 4x PCI, 4x ISA, 1x PCIex16, 4x PCIex1

If you have upgraded but still require additional I/O card slots, DuroPC also offers Expansion Chassis.  A DuroPC expansion chassis provides a solution to add many PCI expansion slots to any PC using a common interface, such as PCI express.  Check out the DuroPC expansion chassis offerings here:  http://www.duropc.com/products/expansion-chassis.html.

DuroPC features lead to a sustainable solution, by satisfying your current PCI expansion needs with many integrated 32-bit PCI and 64-bit PCI-X expansion slots along-side several PCIe (PCIex1, PCIex4, PCIex8, PCIex16) that will accommodate future I/O needs and currently available I/O boards.

Remember that DuroPC is eager to guide you and your team through this transition with our quality line of products and legacy of engineering solutions for our customers.  Contact us to find out how we can help you: http://www.DuroPC.com/Contact.

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