New i7 Industrial Computer Systems for Intense Performance

DuroPC’s commitment to Intel’s new i-Series line of microprocessors allows us to configure cutting-edge systems that offer unparalleled performance with a variety of Expansion Technology options. A key benefit DuroPC offers with these new systems is the ability to host up to 13 32-bit PCI cards in one system without need to use expansion chassis using current, sustainable, long-life processor with latest performance up to i7 level.

All this in an rugged durable industrial package backed by DuroPC’s excellent support team.

Please browse the newest systems in our i7 Industrial Computer line listed below.

DuroPC i7 Line

All of our new i-Series systems offer:

  • Intel i3, i5 or i7 Processors
  • Multiple Hard Drives
  • RAID Configurations
  • Video Card Options
  • Win 7 Pro 32-bit OS
Model Num Chassis Expansion Price
DuroPC RAC249 2U Rackmount 3PCI $1,315.00
DuroPC RAC248 4U Rackmount 4PCI, 1PCIe x1, 1PCIe x4, 1PCIe x16 $1,275.00
DuroPC RAC245 4U Rackmount 8PCI, 3PCIe x1, 1PCIe x16 $1,515.00
DuroPC RAC244 4U Rackmount 13PCI $1,545.00
DuroPC RAC243 4U Rackmount 4ISA, 4PCI, 4PCIe x1, 1PCIe x16 $1,540.00
DuroPC RAC242 2U Rackmount 5PCI $1,550.00
DuroPC RAC241 2U Rackmount 3PCI, 1PCIe x16 $1,500.00
DuroPC SHB240 8-Slot Microbox 1PCIe x16, 6PCI $1,580.00
DuroPC SHB239 8-Slot Microbox 1PCIe x16, 3PCIe x1, 3PCI $1,535.00
DuroPC SHB 238
6-Slot Microbox
1PCIe x16, 1PCIe x4, 2PCI $1,500.00
DuroPC SHB 237
6-Slot Microbox
1PCIe x16, 3PCIe x1 $1,490.00

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