ISA PCI Industrial Computer

In many instances, you may be configuring a new Rackmount Industrial Computer to host both new and old device cards. DuroPC’s engineering experience makes this a breeze. When you configure an ISA PCI PC with a passive backplane, you can choose from many options that provide the slot count you need. Due to our sourcing of long-life boards, PCI Industrial Computers with ISA Slots will continue to be available to customers.

ISA PCI Backplane

9 x ISA 4 x PCI Backplane

The DuroPC RAC129‘s backplane offers 9 x ISA¬† slots and 4 x PCI slots.

Along with

  • Up to 4 Hard Drives
  • RAID Configurations
  • 1 PICMG
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Win 7

Contact Us today or call 888-760-DURO (3876) to speak with an Application Engineer about an ISA PCI Industrial PC.

888-760-DURO (3876)

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