IRQ Settings & Conflicts Part 2

We’ve put together a simple, printable chart of default IRQ assignments as a continuation from our first IRQ blog post.

IRQ Assignments Guide –


From our previous article on IRQ Settings & Conflicts:

IRQ is an acronym for Interrupt ReQuest and refers to individually numbered channels that are used by devices to when accessing a processor. You may need to change your IRQ settings if you are using a system with ISA Devices.


For instance, pressing a keyboard sends a signal to the processor via an IRQ channel (usually IRQ 1) to let it know that it needs to process the key stroke. When new hardware is configured or installed, IRQ conflicts can occur. For example, an overlap problem occurs if you have your mouse on COM 1 (IRQ4) and a modem on COM 3 (IRQ4) as the processor can’t see the both while assigned to the same IRQ.

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