Intel 6th Gen i-Core w/Z170 chipset now available in the DuroPC model 418

The DuroPC Model 418 is available in a Rackmount or Tower Chassis and features the Intel 6th Gen i-core processors w/Z170 chipset
Expansion Configurations:
   1x PCIex16, 1x PCIex4 (in x16), 1x PCIex4, 2x PCIex1 (in x4)  -OR-
   2x PCIex8 (in x16), 1x PCIex4 (in x16), 1x PCIex4, 2x PCIex1 (in x4)
Processor:Intel 6th Gen i-Core w/Z170 chipset
   6th gen i7, i5, i3   
   Intel Z170
   8GB DDR4 (64GB max)
Hard Drive:
  1TB enterprise class
  0, 1, 5, 10 Onboard
  Single Gigabit LAN
   6x SATA-600
  1x COM: 1X RS-232
   7x USB 3.0/3.1; 6x USB 2.0
Operating System:
   Windows 10 Professional
Power Supply:
Optical Drive:

Tower Front 4U Black Industrial Rackmount Chassis with 3x 5.25" External; 1x 3.5" Internal Drive Bays
Model T418 Tower Model R418-4 Rackmount
Starting at $1,460.00 Starting at $1,470.00
Chassis Dimensions (W x D x H):
8.27″ x 19.29″ x 17.72″ 19.00″ x 17.72″ x 6.97″
Includes Standard 1 Year DuroPC Warranty
Configure system red button
The PCIe x16 slots support auto-switching.  When one expansion card is plugged in, the signal will be a PCIe x16 link.  If cards are plugged into both slots, the x16 signal link will be split between both slots as x8 link speeds.  This unique configuration will allow you to continue using your older expansion cards while also giving you a test bench for newer technology.
Remember that you can always UPGRADE the standard components in your system configuration! Be sure to use the link above to configure your system to meet your specific application needs.
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