UPDATE: New Facts About the i7 Industrial Computer Processor

As Intel’s newest line of Core i3/i5/i7 processors continue to roll out, DuroPC continues to to learn the nuances of this powerful new line, applying our knowledge to i7 Industrial Computers such as the the powerful DuroPC RAC235.

  • Loss of front side bus speeds: North Bridge now designed into processor

DuroPC Line of i7 Rackmount Computers

The Front Side Bus delivered data between the Processor and the Memory Controller, but didn’t function well in a several-core environment. Intel has eliminated the FSB and moved the Memory Controller onto the processor.

  • No on-board video for i7, Xeon and i5-750 processors, but increase in cache

The memory controller and video functions have been moved onto the processor for the i7, Xeon and i5-750 chips.  An increase in cache is gained as a result. Even if video outputs are present, these chips will require a separate video card for output.

  • Built in Power Management & Overclocking

Intel Turbo Boost Technology controls an automatic overclock system that revs up power during intense tasks. Intel Virtualization Technology and Intel 64 are offered on all Intel i7 processors, while Trusted Execution Technology is offered on all i7-800 series processors. Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies are also featured on all i7 models.

DuroPC would recommend an Intel i7 Industrial Computer System for any processor-intensive industrial application and will be happy to answer your questions about Intel’s latest technology breakthrough.

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