• ISA Slots Are Still Alive – Expert Article

    In an effort to share our expertise, DuroPC regularly shares technical articles on EZineArticles.com Here’s a preview of a recent ISA Slot article: It is easily understood that you assume your custom ISA Slot-compatible devices are ready to kick the bucket. Its true PCI and PCIe have all but taken over the consumer and industrial […]

  • SoM System on Modules

    To meet the customization and flexibility demands of PC-based embedded solutions, DuroPC provides two form factors to match various market segment; COM Express and STX. COM Express is initiated and defined by PICMG to give the most updated bus interface support, that is PCI Express. Compared to STX which supports both legacy PCI and ISA […]

  • PCIe Lane Distribution

    While helping a client this week, our engineers uncovered a great feature of the PICMG 1.3  backplane featured in the DuroPC RAC258 4U iSeries Industrial Computer. This backplane features PCIe Lane Distribution configured to allow all 7 PCIe x1 slots to operate simultaneously. Click to Enlarge   This feature is not available on all boards […]

  • New 3U Rackmount Systems

    We are constantly updating our product offerings to meet the changing needs of the Industrial Technology sector. DuroPC is happy to announce a new line of 3U Rackmount Computers offering both new Intel i7 and Core 2 Duo processors. DuroPC RAC 251 $1,720 Processor: Intel iSeries: i3, i5, i7 Expansion: 3PCI,1PCIe x16,1PCIe x4,2PCIex1 HDD: 320GB […]