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4u Rackmount Single Board Computer (SBC)

DuroPC Industrial Rackmount SBC systems are the perfect fit for a standard 19" rack. Featuring filters, Our rugged Rackmount Chassis will stay clean longer, reducing downtime for maintenance. The Single Board Computer takes all the workings of a motherboard and squeezes them onto a single slot board providing a quick and easy upgrade of your hardware. Our SBC systems come configured in both PCMIG1.0 or PCMIG1.3 depending on model. These systems provide up to 14 slots for expansion with support for ISA, PCI both 32 and 64 bit, and PCI Express. All SBC systems have a long lifespan allowing you to build a spec that can be reordered for 3-7 years. Typical applications for these universal units include Automotive, Locomotion, Aerospace, and more. Can't find what your looking for? Contact us directly. Our staff is ready to customize a system specifically for your needs.

Our Single Board computers come supporting a wide range of Intel CPU's and chipsets. Our newest support 4th gen Haswell architecture while others continue to support Pentium 4.


Single board computer with 4th Gen Core i-series processor and Intel Q87 chipset

Single board computer (SBC) with 4th Gen Core i-series and Intel Q87 chipset

One of our newest products This SBC supports LGA1150, support for 16 GB of DDR3 memory, 5 serial(all available VIA internal headers), 10 USB 2.0(available VIA internal headers) 4 USB 3.0(2 available VIA internal headers). This SBC is available with the following backplanes In a 4u chassis(2u, 1u, and microbox units are available as well):



   Backplane Expansion Types


RAC386 4 PCI, 1x PCIex16, 7x PCIex1
RAC385 10 PCI, 1x PCIex16, 1x PCIex4
RAC383 8 PCI, 1x PCIex16, 3x PCIex1
RAC381 7 PCI, 1x PCIex16, 5x PCIex4
RAC374 13 PCI











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  1. RAC161 4U Core 2 Duo / Quad with 4x PCI, 4x ISA, 1x PCIex16, 4x PCIex1

    4U black industrial rackmount chassis with 3x 5.25" External; 1x 3.5" (Floppy Only) External; 1x 3.5" Internal drive bay


    • $1,460.00
    • Core 2 Duo / Quad
    • 4x ISA
    • 4x PCI
    • None
    • 1x PCIex16
    • None