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4u Rackmount Motherboard

DuroPC Industrial Rackmount Motherboard Based systems are the perfect fit for a standard 19" rack. Featuring filters, Our rugged Rackmount Chassis will stay clean longer, reducing downtime for maintenance. Get a Industrial Rackmount system designed around the layout your familiar with in your home PC. Depending on model we have support for everything from ISA to PCI Express. Most Industrial systems have a long lifespan allowing you to build a spec that can be reordered for 3-7 years. Typical applications for these universal units include Automotive, Locomotion, Aerospace, and more. Can't find what your looking for? Contact us directly. Our staff is ready to customize a system specifically for your needs.

RAC370 Motherboard






Looking for the latest Processor support? Check out one of our latest products in the RAC370.(Motherboard pictured right) Boasting 4 PCI slots, 1 PCIe x16,1 PCIe x4, and 1 PCIe x1 in a 4th generation Intel CPU socket 1150 with support for up to 32 GB of DDR3 Memory, This system can handle even the most intensive applications.Want this motherboard in a different sized rackmount chassis?Check out the RAC373 in a 3u Chassis or the RAC372 in a 2u chassis. Also this motherboard is available in an ATX tower chassis as the TWR371.

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  1. RAC365 4U Xeon E5 with 1x PCI, 5x PCIex16 (3.0), 1x PCIex8 (2.0)

    4U Rackmount Chassis with Visual & Audible Alarm Notification


    • $2,185.00
    • Xeon E5
    • None
    • 1x PCI
    • None
    • 2x PCIex16 3.0
    • 1x PCIex4 2.0 (in x8)