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Core I7, I5, I3, PC

Intel's Core I7, I5, I3 processors are the top of Intel's lineup. Here you will find our offerings that feature these processors. All generations of them that are offered by DuroPC will be found below. From your ATX tower computer to your rackmounts and microbox computers as well as embedded systems, laptops, and tablets.

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 4th Gen Core i7, i5, i3 with 4x PCI, 1x PCIex16 (3.0), 1x PCIex4 (2.0), 1x PCIex1 (2.0)

4th Gen Core i7, i5, i3 with 4x PCI, 1x PCIex16 (3.0), 1x PCIex4 (2.0), 1x PCIex1 (2.0)

With 4 PCI, one 3.0 PCIex16, one 2.0 PCIEx4, and one 2.0 PCIex1 slot, this motherboard offers plenty of expansion. featuring a possible 32 GB of DDR3 and a 4th gen Intel Core I series processor. 6 Sata 3 ports with 2 USB 3 on the back and 2 more available VIA an internal header.

Available as the
ATX Mid-Tower TWR371
2u Rackmount RAC372 (2 PCI 1 PCIex16 available expansion)
3u Rackmount RAC373
4u Rackmount RAC370






ATX motherboard with 7x PCI


2nd Gen Core i7, i5, i3 with 7x PCI, 1x Mini PCIex1

Do you NEED PCI? Do you need to stay in a Motherboard configuration? This 2nd Gen Intel I series based motherboard is the motherboard you are looking for. Featuring 7 32-bit PCI slots and a Mini PCIex1. a possible 32 GB of DDR3. 6 SATA 6 USB 2.0 on the I/O and 4 more available VIA an internal header. 6 total serial (4 available VIA an internal header

Available as the
 ATX Mid-Tower TWR335
2u Rackmount RAC334
4u Rackmount RAC333

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  1. EBX423 4th / 5th Gen Core i5, i3, Celeron, Compact Fanless Embedded System with 2x COM

    EBX423 Fanless Embedded System Front View


    • $965.00
    • 4th Gen Core i5 / 5th Gen Core i3, Celeron
    • None