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All products DuroPC provides on its website are listed here. Please select the category of product you are in search of. If You are interested in something not listed on the website feel free to give us a call at 888-760-DURO (3876) or send us an email

Rackmount PC
  • 4U, 3U and 2U Rack Unit Chassis
  • Motherboard and Backplane Configurations
PCI Slot Computer
  • Up to 18 PCI Slots Available
  • PCIe and PCI-X Expansion Slots Available
  • 6-Slot or 8-Slot Chassis
  • PCI , PCIe and ISA Expansion Slots Available
ISA Slot Computer
  • Up to 9 ISA Slots Available
  • Long-Life Motherboards
Core i7, i5, i3 PC
  • Multiple Cores for Applications
  • Energy Efficient Processing
HMI Panel PC
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Human-Machine Interface
Tower PC
  • Long-Life Motherboards
  • Maximum Hard Drive Capabilities
  • Fanless Embedded Systems
  • PCI and PCIe Expansion Slots Available
  • Adjustable Rack Slides
  • Power Supply Cords
Front I/O
  • Front Acessible Connections
  • Easy Access and Maintenance
Expansion Chassis
  • Up to 13 PCI Slots Available
  • Desktop and Laptop Host Card Options
  • Displays and Digital Signage
  • Easy System Configuration and Maintenance
  • IP64 Rugged Industrial Workstation
  • 5-wire Resistive Touchscreen
Automation I/O
  • Relay Output Module
  • 4-Channel (Forms A and C)
Industrial Ethernet
  • Heavy-Duty Networking
  • Managed Ethernet Switches
Small Form Factor Boards
  • 3.5" Embedded Single Board Computers
  • Mini ITX Single Board Computers
PCI-X Slot Computer
  • Rackmount and Tower Configurations
  • PCI and PCIe Expansion Slots Available
Windows XP Computers
  • Old Hardware and New Computer
  • Microsoft Downgrade Available
USB KVM Drawer
  • Rackmount Keyboard Console
  • 8-Port KVM Switch
Class I, Division 2
  • Embedded Systems and Industrial Monitors
  • Industrial Ethernet and Automation I/O
Rugged Laptop
  • Rugged Laptops and Tablets
  • Industrial Construction
Fanless PC
  • Fanless PCs
  • PCI and PCIe Expansion Slots Available