Extreme configuration flexibility with MXI / PXI Express compatibility

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The engineering team at DuroPC has developed, tested, qualified and deployed a new system offering a high quantity of PCIe slots while adding extreme flexibility and substantial cost reduction.
DuroPC, leading supplier to the automated test equipment (ATE) market, developed industrial computers capable of enumerating a large number of PCI devices in support of a Tier 1 Defense Contracting Company. DuroPC developed, tested, qualified and deployed a custom solution (including customized BIOS) based on DuroPC commercial off the shelf (COTS) model RAC419 4U rackmount computer with 5x PCIex8 (3.0), 11x PCIex4 (3.0) expansion. The RAC419 is able to provide enough PCI device enumeration to control remote National Instruments PXI Express expansion chassis using an MXI-Express interface card while hosting a fully populated, conventional PCIe backplane (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).

The DuroPC RAC419 supports from Core-I to dual XEON CPU configurations with up to 24 processing cores. The DuroPCs offer huge data storage capacity options to hundreds of terabytes (TB). The flexibility and cost-savings the DuroPC RAC419 provides is un-paralleled. DuroPC is now offering this technology to the open market on the company’s website: www.DuroPC.com (see Figure 3).

Now designers of ATE system can leverage the advantages of National Instruments PXI and PXI Express expansion systems and reduce cost while using conventional COTS computer interface cards; Ethernet, Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485), CAN, IRIG, 1553, ARINC 429, Reflective Memory, Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), USB, WiFi, etc. at a very affordable price. Further, the ability to consolidate control and processing in the DuroPC creates the opportunity to combine VME, VXI, PXI, PXI Express and PMC in one system, clock and controller (see Figure 4). This means that DuroPC offers a path to avoid pitfalls of obsolescence issues associated with legacy controllers that are no longer available (ie. VXI). Please call DuroPC to discuss your application; we are eager to support your team!


DuroPC RAC419 Summary of Advantages:
1. Flexibility to use PXI, PXI Express and conventional PCIe IO devices
2. Increased processing power
3. Increased data storage capacity
4. Consolidated control
5. Combine VME, VXI, PXI and PXI Express, PMC in one system, clock and controller.
6. Overcome obsolescence associated with discontinued controllers
7. Save Rack-Space
8. Reduced Cost

Figure 1: DuroPC RAC419 with MXI-Express interface card and fully populated, conventional PCIe backplane (inside view).

Figure 2: DuroPC RAC419 with MXI-Express interface card and fully populated, conventional PCIe backplane (rear view).

Figure 3: DuroPC RAC419 Available on www.DuroPC.com.

Figure 4: DuroPC RAC419 Tested with National Instruments PXI Express System using MXI- Express Interface.

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