• Extreme configuration flexibility with MXI / PXI Express compatibility

    The engineering team at DuroPC has developed, tested, qualified and deployed a new system offering a high quantity of PCIe slots while adding extreme flexibility and substantial cost reduction. Leading supplier to the automated test equipment (ATE) market, DuroPC has developed industrial computers capable of enumerating a large number of PCI devices in support of […]

  • Balancing The Computer Scales

    Balancing The Computer Scales  Embedded computers may be small, but they pack a big punch.  Small barebone systems offers an alternative computer to the traditional desktop or rackmount.  Offering a variety of expansion configurations while still preforming at full capacity on a i-series processor and only a fraction of the size. These two systems the […]

  • 1U Match Up

    1U MATCH UP Featuring the latest of DuroPC’s 1U systems: R705-1 & R785-1! DuroPC’s small yet robust 1U systems offer the best computing options on the industrial market today! Equipped with essential industrial features such as dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, multiple serial ports, wide temperature operation, excellent heat distribution and low power consumption. Each system offers the […]

  • Intel 6th Gen i-Core w/Z170 chipset now available in the DuroPC model 418

    The DuroPC Model 418 is available in a Rackmount or Tower Chassis and features the Intel 6th Gen i-core processors w/Z170 chipset __________________  _________________ Expansion Configurations:    1x PCIex16, 1x PCIex4 (in x16), 1x PCIex4, 2x PCIex1 (in x4)  -OR-    2x PCIex8 (in x16), 1x PCIex4 (in x16), 1x PCIex4, 2x PCIex1 (in x4) Processor:    6th gen i7, i5, […]

  • TAB403 Tablet Side View

    Portable and Powerful Tablet PC

    Lightweight Rugged Windows 7 Tablet PC DuroPC’s TAB403 is a rugged tablet PC featuring an 11.6″ HD TFT LCD capacitive multi-touch display with a powerful 4th Generation Intel Haswell processor. The TAB403 can function for up to 7 hours and can be customized with a wide array of options.    *Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen      *LED Backlight […]